Rebecca Greenbaum

Hometown:  Brooklyn, New York
Graduated from Skidmore in 2011 as a Dance Major with a Minor in Biology

“I arrived at Skidmore a complete ‘bunhead’, classically trained in ballet with no prior modern dance experience. During my four years in the dance department, both the faculty members and the vast array of guest artists we had the opportunity to work [Read more…]

Eric Handman

Hometown: Katonah, New York
Graduated from Skidmore in 1991 with a degree in English and an
MFA in Modern Dance in 2003 from The University of Utah

“Without knowing it, I began learning how to teach while learning how to dance at Skidmore. My most memorable teachers were collegial, authentic, grounded, dynamic and non-dogmatic. [Read more…]

Maggie Stack

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Graduated from Skidmore in 2009 as a double major in Studio Art and Dance

“When I arrived at Skidmore in 2005, I had all the intentions of studying Studio Art and Religion and only taking dance classes on the side for fun. I came from a strict ballet technique background and suffered from a foot injury that I was convinced had ended my career. [Read more…]

Jesse Kovarsky

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Graduated from Skidmore in 2010 with a Major in Dance and a Minor in Art History

“I came to Skidmore as a possible Theatre major and self-designed food journalist major, but when I was given the chance to perform in a dance production, I was hooked! Throughout my time at Skidmore, the faculty saw my potential and gave me their full support. [Read more…]

Anna Long

Hometown:  North Attleboro, MA
Graduated from Skidmore in 2011 with a degree in Biology and Dance

“Becoming a gaga teacher would not have been possible without the support of the faculty and my peers in the dance department at Skidmore.  The exposure I gained to the larger dance community while at Skidmore was instrumental in my development, [Read more…]